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We are India’s leading professional and international education counselors. We provide a clear image of study abroad and we are helping students since 2008 in the last few years we helped more than 3000 students to become good Doctors. We offer cutting-edge, value-added solutions to overseas education. We bend ourselves to the development of an international education system that can help students studying MBBS in Russia & Kazakh, so as to promote the exchange and co-operation of international education and impulse the internationalization of “International Education Association”.

Our Core Values
Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a far better future in Education for all which includes everything. We fulfill our mission by preparing competent, committed, reflective, professional, and to supply top-class education that delivers transformative learning ability along with innovative and impactful research, and meaningful outreach for all our students and their respective families.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a far better way ahead for Medical aspirants and make their dream come true, we do provide guidance to the scholars to realize their ambition to be a doctor. We tend to make a positive characteristic within the long term and using technology to make wider and support learning opportunities for our students and their respective families.

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